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0769-2224 4686
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2014 year  
Set up the laminating machine division, and perfect the core equipment production line of the company lamination process
2013 year  
Division I moved to the new plant, production workshop area of 10000 square meters, production capacity increased by 4 times, the establishment of Ze source holdings of Dongguan Heng Heng Machinery Co., Ltd., improve the strip, shell, liquid injection, packaging products line.
Our company has invested a great deal of money in the research and development of the tension control system, and has realized the digital control of the tension for the first time in the industry. The tension size is between 20Mpa and 200Mpa, and it can be set freely according to the user's demand. The drum shell phenomenon of the aluminum shell products and the S phenomenon of the polymer products are completely solved. Reach the international advanced level.
2011 year  
Our independent research and development of tension system fully upgraded, tension control technology to achieve the leading level of similar products at home
2010 year  
Our fully automatic production machine and automatic winding machine came out, marking our company into the era of automation
2009 year  
Our launch of double needle power winding machine, improve the production efficiency of the device, while type 300 power winding machine available, can replace the lamination process for the production of battery 10-50AH, the same year, our use of CVT and encoder control of variable angular velocity, tension to improve our customers favor
2008 year  
In order to meet the market demand, our polymer, cylindrical, Bluetooth semi automatic winding machine, and the successful development of universal adjustable needle (this is our first technology)
2007 year  
Dongguan City Ze source Machinery Co., Ltd. was established, the successful introduction of aluminum shell semi-automatic winding machine

Products Automatic shell punching machine Top side sealing machine Automatic film pasting machine Injection line Hot and cold press Vacuum two sealing machine Laboratory equipment

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Contact Tel:0769-2224 4686
Fax:0769-8158 5335
Address: No. 7, Jinyuling Road, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, No. 2, 101

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