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Tesla lift butterfly effect lithium battery lead

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held annually in Las Vegas in January, is the largest and most influential consumer electronics show in the world. Many new technology applications attract the attention of global investors. This year's CES, so that the concept of intelligence in January A share market blowing a "smart revolution" wave, smart clothing, intelligent robots, smart homes and other intelligent concept segments, turns the tide limit.
Lithium battery lead
New year, A stock market is also very occasional. The last two trading days, Ten thousand steeds gallop. hot market trading sentiment is very active. It will lead the revolution of Tesla electric car of new energy automotive industry into the peak, horse at the beginning, A shares of new energy automotive industry chain is thriving, lithium plate more Yiqijuechen momentum.
By the "four sector adjustment, subsidies for new energy vehicles, subsidies will continue until the end of 2015," a good stimulus, yesterday, the concept of new energy vehicles also pulled up sharply, staged daily limit tide. It is worth noting that most of the top gainers are involved in new energy vehicles.
Policy superimposed Tesla effect, new energy vehicles poised
New energy vehicles support policies frequent, coupled with the promotion of the Tesla effect, agencies generally optimistic about the new energy automotive industry in the year of the outbreak.
The day before the release of four ministries "on further promotion and application of new energy vehicles work notice", will be pure electric passenger vehicles, plug-in hybrid (with additional program) passenger vehicles, pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles 2014 and 2015 annual subsidies adjusted to 2014 in 2013 on the basis of the standard fall 5% (previously 10% decrease), 2015 fell by 10% in 2013 on the basis of the standard (previously 20% reduction), begin from January 1, 2014. At the same time, after the expiration of the policy in 2015, the central government will continue to implement subsidy policies.
The new energy automotive industry research report released yesterday by the Bank of China said that the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles is good for both short-term and medium term development of the new energy automotive industry. Since the second half of 2013, the central government has concentrated on investigating new energy automobile enterprises. At the same time, various policies for the development of the industry have also been introduced. From the introduction of the policy expression, the central confidence in the development of new energy vehicles increased significantly, subsidies have changed in the past, step by step mentality, and is willing to continue to provide subsidies for the development of the industry.
According to the national "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012 - 2020)", to 2015, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars cumulative production and sales reached 500 thousand; to 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid car production capacity has reached 2 million, the cumulative production and sales of more than 5 million vehicles, the new energy automotive industry has entered a rapid development path.

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