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Lithium ion battery industry in the opportunities and challenges ahead

With the development of lithium battery in the emerging application field, and the replacement of demand in the traditional application field, the next few years, the lithium battery industry as a whole to maintain steady growth is irreversible trend.
In the consumer electronics market, the smart phone replacement function, the mobile phone process will continue to move forward, a variety of wearable products will continue to impact consumer experience, lithium battery demand will continue to grow. In power tools, there is still room for the replacement of two - cell batteries such as nickel cadmium batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. In the new energy vehicles, new energy storage and other emerging areas worldwide, will remain in the development stage of technology and industrialization stage, the market will show a momentum of rapid development.
In 2014, China's lithium battery industry development opportunities, or is worth looking forward to the bright spot.
First of all, by the domestic new energy automotive industry favorable policy to promote, in 2014 China's new energy automotive market is expected to lead the force, while in 2015 will show explosive growth.
This is mainly due to the urgency and determination of the state for the prevention and control of air pollution. In September 2013, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission four ministries jointly issued the "notice" to promote the application of new energy vehicles, and that the Beijing 28 city or region as the first batch of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the city in November, preliminary statistics of the promotion of new energy vehicles total will reach an impressive 250 thousand car, the market capacity of lithium ion battery is close to 20 billion yuan. Affected by environmental governance, major cities have begun to implement policies to limit the development of automobiles, to some extent, pave the way for new energy vehicles.
These measures are undoubtedly for lithium batteries in the field of new energy automotive applications and promotion, and create a good industrial atmosphere and development environment.
In this round of policy stimulus, may make the lithium battery business to harvest surprise, it is this round of new energy vehicle development climax, is likely to accelerate the lithium battery such as low-speed electric cars, forklifts, mine car special vehicle trial and promotion, in the electric bicycle, electric motorcycle and other fields to accelerate replacement of lead-acid battery the.
Another bright spot to look forward to is the field of mobile communications.
Along with the expansion of domestic demand, broadband Chinese and other strategic initiatives to upgrade the implementation of China's information industry, especially the rapid development of 3G and 4G mobile communications Tianjin Lishen Battery Co strategic development minister Wang Zhan network in the next two years, intelligent mobile communication equipment in China will achieve rapid development and upgrade, especially China's local enterprises and the local market gradually mature, the it will become an important guarantee for the rapid development of China's domestic lithium battery enterprise. The next two years, the construction of mobile communication base station will also be just unfolding, the lithium battery is expected to use the advantages of cascade with more mature industry chain and scale economy and power battery, replace lead-acid batteries, become the first choice of supporting scheme.
If the new energy vehicles and mobile communications industry is worthy of attention in 2014, the prospects are generally optimistic about the field, then there are some uncertainties in the field of photovoltaic power generation and power grid supporting energy storage.
In 2014, the lithium battery industry is full of opportunities for a year, also destined to be an extraordinary year, because of the development of our environment will be more stringent, by our own development issues are also increasingly grim.
In 2014, the Sino US, Sino Japanese political game will continue, and the competition situation will further evolve, which will undoubtedly bring obstacles to the exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan in the lithium battery industry. Whether the competition between China and the United States will lead to the transfer of orders from China's lithium battery companies to competitors in Japan and South Korea is also of concern.
In 2014, the global economic situation, the overall situation tends to recovery and improvement, still perplexing: Europe and the United States, on the structural problems of major developed economies are far from resolved, the new economic growth point has not yet been formed; some emerging powers such as Russia, India, economic growth is slowing down; Chinese by air pollution prevention and control, government oriented correction GDP effect of economic growth will be reduced.
Economic slow forward will also affect consumer psychology, and thus affect the growth of demand, but also will affect the development of the industry.
In 2014, China's lithium battery industry will face more difficulties, including: development of labor costs relative labor productivity rising too fast; high cost of funds, financing difficulties, financing expensive, making enterprises face capital chain risk in adjustment and transition; government policy intervention can exacerbate overcapacity, makes the enterprise to carry on the heavy business the burden; RMB continued strong operating pressure for lithium battery export enterprises to increase, especially the yen remai

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